Highland Schools Technology Challenge


SIX Secondary schools were invited to take in part in HOT2011, the initial project in 2011, along with one of their feeder primaries.

These are: -
Fortrose Academy and North Kessock Primary
Invergordon Academy and Crown Primary
Inverness High School and Central Primary
Kingussie High and Kingussie Primary
Millburn Academy and Crown Primary
Plockton High School and Auchtertyre Primary

The Team names were
Alpha Team from Kingussie
Hammer Time from Inverness High
The A team from Invergordon
Black Isle Team from Fortrose
Plockton Destroyers from Plockton


HOT2011 event Check the Video on the Videos page!


Pictured above are Invergordon and Crown Primary clearly delighted with their victory in the Final over Fortrose Academy and North Kessock Primary (shown on the right). Well done to all who took part!


Name Start Split times Race over Bridge Build time Forklift time Catapult time
Team A Black Isle team Fortrose 00:00 01:11 06:57 07:25 01:11 05:46 00:28
Team B The A Team Invergordon 00:00 00:35 06:06 07:26 00:35 05:31 01:20
Team C Alpha Team Kingussie 00:00 01:15 07:11 08:05 01:15 05:56 00:54
Team D Hammer Time Inverness 00:00 04:23 08:37 09:13 04:23 04:14 00:36
Team E The Champions Millburn 00:00 00:48 10:05 11:08 00:48 09:17 01:03
Team F Plockton Destroyers Plockton 00:00 00:57 07:17 11:42 00:57 06:20 04:25

The times above are in minutes and seconds.

Fastest two teams to the Final were The A Team and the Black Isle Team with just 1 second between them. Missing out on the final and in third place were the team from Kingussie.

The fastest bridge builders were the A Team ( they were so fast, their bridge collapsed when the forklift went across it.) ; the fastest forklift team were the Central Primary duo in the Hammer Time team; the fastest catapulters were the Black Isle Team who had a fantastic three straight hits in to the catcher in the first round.

The final was set up slightly differently with the teams starting at the same time. With a running commentary provided by Lenny from Lifescan, the teams were very aware who was in the lead and with pressure mounting, the lead changed many times during the race. Unfortunately for the Black Isle Team they couldn't repeat their catapluting prowess from the earlier round and the A Team manged to get their third catch just in front of them. It was a very close run thing, with the winning team finishing in 8 minutes and 12 seconds.
Afterthought!!!!! We ran this project in Kingussie High School during our Activities week and the best time amongst the teams was 5 mins 36 seconds. Mind you they were all S3 pupils, so doesn't count.

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